Completed Projects

Completed Projects of AJK Auqaf Department

District Muzaffarabad: Name of Project Cost
1 Retro Fitting Jamoia Masjid Saheli Sarkar 1,41,44,915
2 Construction Centeral Auqaf Office Near GPO 38,78,890
3 Construction Masjid & Shrine Tiles Block Kahori 43,58,183
4 Construction Rooms with Darbar Shah Sultan Mzd 14,32,028
5 Construction Kitchen with Darbar Saheli Sarkar Mzd 39,77,350
6 Construction of Toilets Block Darbar Saheli Sarkar Mzd 31,64,797
7 Construction of Rooms and marble floor Darbar Saheli Sarkar Mzd 12,09,910
8 Construction Shrine and rooms darbar mai ami sahiba 11,84,363


District Bagh: Name of Project Cost
1 Construction Masjid with Darbar Sain Ali Bahadur Dheerkot 21,50,000
2 Construction Shrine of Sain Ali Bahadur Dheerkot 50,54,637


District Haveli Kahutta: Name of Project Cost
1 Construction Marble floor Darbar Haji Ibrahim Kahutta 18,30,000
2 Construction Room and Bathroom with Darbar Danna Haveli 50,54,637


District Poonch: Name of Project Cost
1 Construction Jamia Mach and court of Darbar Sopnag Abbaspur 26,24,601
2 Construction Room Marble floor Darbar Pir Junaid Shah Paniola 12,27,799
3 Improvements Rooms of Darbar Sopnag Abbaspur 6,25,000
4 Room Daras, Hall Masjid and Marble e.t.c Darbad Zinda Pir Banjosa 20,46,000


District Mirpur: Name of Project Cost
1 Construction Khari Sharif Complex 15,52,58,238
2 Land Scalping and Tuff Tails Darbar Pir Ganoi 19,83,782
3 Improvements kitchen Darbar Khairi Sharif 40,60,000
4 Gents Langar area and boundary wall of Khari Sharif 60,00,000
5 Toilets Block Darbar Bin Sain Dadyal Mirpur 15,24,000


District Bhimber:

< Name of Project Cost
1 Construction Shrine Darbar Shadi Shaheed Bhimber 4,24,40,000