Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction

Established:   (Under Waqf Properties Act, 1960)

Total Shrines 61
Total Notified Waqf Land 3067 kanals
Institute of Higher Islamic Studies 01
Total Employees, (Permanent + Temporary) 378+22=409

Financial Resources

  • Income from cash boxes.
  • Income from lease of land.
  • Income from lease of shops.
  • Income from livestock.
  • Income through lease of different contracts.

Functions of Department

  • Administration of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Waqf Properties Act, 1960.
  • Charitable and Religious Endowments.
  • Religious Trusts.
  • Mosques, shrines and other religious institutions, under the control of the Chief Administrator of Auqaf.

          (Under rules vide Notification No. S-Auqaf/ 1441-61/2012, Dated 28-02-2012)

  • Auqaf Fund
  • Religious Education Schemes. (IHIS + Special Educational Institutions)

 (Under rules vide Notification No. S-Auqaf/ 1441-61/2012,    Dated 28-02-2012)

  • Publication of Books on Islamiat:  (Saif-ul-Malook /Anwar-ul-Aulia)