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Auqaf Department

Auqaf Department

About Auqaf

Even since the Muslims set foot on the soil of subcontinent, Masajid and Shrines have been not only source of inspiration and spiritual guidance but also the platform of religious learning and propagation.


Darbars/Holy Places

The valley of Kashmir is well known throughout the world for its Natural beauty. Here nature has been prodigal enough in crowning this ancient land with all its splendour and glory.



To administer the Shrines.To maintain land record & Occupy Waqf property.To construct & decorate the Shrines.To facilitate the Visitants.To set up & manage Alms-houses (Langer Khanas).


WAQF Properties Act

The Azad Jammu & Kashmir Waqf Properties Act of 1960(ACT IX OF 1960) and Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir Law and Parliament Affairs Department Muzaffarabad.



5th Febuary
Kashmir Solidarity Day
13th July
Shauda-e-Kashmir Day
19th July
Ilhaq-e-Pakistan Day
24th October
Azad Kashmir Day